2017 Year End Review

DoublePlayMMWell, it’s that time again. It’s December 2nd!


Holy moly, the year went by fast once again.

These days the years don’t last long at all, and we’re always left wondering, what the hell just happened? Time surely does fly, and once again, it’s time to reflect and think back to what I’ve learned.

This year, the best word to sum up writing in 2017 was exposure.

What do I mean?

Exposure meaning marketing.

In 2017, I spent a lot more time marketing my books. I put out more ads, did a couple of Facebook parties, and I started a project to bring more representation to queer books with people of color. I’ll talk about that next month.

Authors can’t really make it without marketing, which also means newsletters. I actually hit the goal I set out to do, which was gain more followers for my monthly email list. Fortunately, they seem to buy my books when I release them so that’s a plus.

I also paid more attention to my brand. Having 4 muses with 4 more about to start will be challenging, but I’m building within the foundation I’ve already set. Branding… *groan* is about building a presence online as well as in your books. I’m trying to focus more on that as I grow as an author, but I also realize that won’t happen overnight.

Along with the marketing aspects, I managed to release 13 books so far this year. Under the Gun #2 (January), Hirah Blaze #2 (February),Wounded Pride with RemmyDuchene Wounded Two Dreamspinner (February), See No Evil N’awlins Exotica Books 6 (March), Nola Nuptials N’awlins Exotica Book 7 (May), Demon Be Mine ImmortalsBook One (June), Immortality’s Gift Immortals Book Two(July), Love at theRight Tempo with Remmy Duchene Evernight (July),Riding the Curve (September), Under the Gun #3 and the Boxset(September), Hirah Blaze #3 (October), Anasa’s Awakening Immortals Book Three (October), Double Play (November).

That’s a lot of books, and most of them except two were self-published. While doing those books, I also learned the importance of choosing the right beta readers and editors. That’s also something I can discuss at a later date. The one statement I’ll make is choose them wisely. Ultimately, when writing a book, it falls back on the author. However, when having betas or an editor, make sure you are clear on your expectations for them. If you do this, you’ll come out ahead in the long run.

So, moving forward, what is the focus for 2018? Along with branding and exposure, I believe it should go back to honing my skills. I also intend to sub more to publishers, despite the fact many of them seem to be falling off like flies. There still are some great publishers out there. I only need to take the time to show off my talents and hope they’ll take a chance on one my stories.

The more you write, the more you learn.

Thanks for listening to me today. I do have a promo for my latest book, Double Play which is an M/M short erotica novella, part of the Minor League Alphas Erotica with Remmy Duchene. See the list of all the books here.

* * * *

Blurb: First baseman Presley Amato is enamored with his fellow infielder. Although the Rebels tend to accept gay players, Presley knows his homophobic, Elvis-loving father would disown him. What kind of Italian man doesn’t bed females? Presley is ready to come out, but with so much at stake, he can’t let the cat out the bag.

Tyler Aiken is an easy-going, sexually fluid male. Wanting to play the hot corner has always been his dream, so he doesn’t fly the freak flag too much. However, when he catches Presley giving him more than the eye, Tyler swings hard for the fences to get the slightly, older player into bed.

For both, making plays on the field is easy, but away from the stadium lights, it’s harder and when emotions get in the way, being ‘just teammates’ becomes even more difficult than winning.


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US https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077N2TR5Z

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CA https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B077N2TR5Z

* * * *

Bio: Romance and erotica author Sharita Lira believes that love conquers all. Writing sexy stories of people who might be complete opposites, but somehow make a lasting connection that often leads to a happily ever after.

Happily married and mother of two, Sharita never allows complex plots to deter her from writing the story. Inspired by heavy music, attractive people she’s seen in person and on the internet, Sharita always has a tale on her brain.

In addition to being a computer geek and a metalhead, Sharita loves live music, reading, and spending time with family and friends. She’s also a founding member and contributor to the heavy metal ezine FourteenG.

For more information, please visit http://www.thelitriad.com and if you’re a fan who would like exclusive updates on her writings and chances to win prizes, sign up for the newsletter!

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